Friday, 27 October 2017

Mini Magazine features Broadspeeds

When you read Mini Magazine, you may know that the Le Mans Mini Marcos project features regularly in the 'Our Minis' section, with the current issue publishing the third part of the series. But there's another reason to go and buy that mag. Together with editor Jeff Ruggles I've penned down the full story of the Broadspeed GT and GTS Works racer pairing from 1966, which has made it to a massive 9 page feature. All you ever needed to know on these cars is there. So go and buy that magazine, bound to become a collector's item...

Broadspeed Works racer and demonstrator have made it to the market recently. And to Mini Mag
Picture Mini Magazine

Third installation on the Le Mans Mini Marcos project can be found in the same issue
Picture Mini Magazine


  1. Boy, You claim to have penned the article which is as you say "the full story" and "all you ever needed to know" about these cars,well here's a few things to set the record straight.

    Firstly your original draft(which wasn't used) was much shorter
    and wasn't up to scratch especially when talking about these two special cars.

    Secondly it wasn't you that penned the article which is featured in Mini Magazine but was instead a collusion between Jeff Ruggles ,Jacco Mol and myself with very little of your original text being used. Jacco and myself only being interested in getting the
    story about these cars correct (doing so without payment) and Jeff
    realizing that without our help that wasn't going to happen.

    The finished article in Mini Magazine is a tribute to these two
    genuinely fantastic cars which I had the privilege of owning and
    restoring (with Jacco's help)

    I don't see why you are taking credit for something you've had
    very little input into

    Chris Wooden

    1. Thanks for coming back to me Chris, although I would have appreciated it when you'd done so when I asked you for some input. Hope you enjoyed the car.

  2. Shame he doesn't own them anymore. I wonder why to make so much effort only to sell so soon? Just profit maybe?

  3. Hi there jeroen is the article in this mths mini magazine ?
    Regards mark

    1. Hi Mark. Yes, it is in the november issue, which should still be on sale I should think.

  4. Thanks jeroen
    Will look out for at local newsagent's regards mark

  5. Great article Jeroen, not so easy with difficult owner. Nice big profit for wife!